About Camps & Clinics

Welcome to our Camps and Clinics programs, where we're dedicated to shaping tomorrow's basketball stars today. Offering a variety of camps and clinics, including Prep for Rep, Shooting Academy, and Summer Day Camps, we provide young athletes with comprehensive basketball development opportunities. Join us to elevate your game, master shooting skills, and enjoy an unforgettable summer filled with skill-building excitement. Unlock your potential on the court with us!

Prep For Rep

A comprehensive basketball development program specifically designed for young athletes who aspire to compete at the next level. This program offers a structured and intensive training curriculum aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to excel in the competitive world of basketball.

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Shooting Academy

Shooting is the most difficult skill for a basketball player to master. It requires proper stance, balance, hand placement, arm extension, and expert follow-through. It is one of the most important elements of a players game. Improper mechanics will severely limit a basketball players success at every level.

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Summer Day Camps

9, week-long skills & training camps throughout the summer with 3 different programs to choose from each week. Full Day and Half Day camps focusing on fundamentals and skill development as well as playing games and having fun!

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