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The Evolution of Girls Basketball in Canada

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

From Jr NBA to Getting Paid to Play Pro Ball, there has never been a better time to get Canadian female youth involved in Basketball!

Basketball, like many sports, is often thought of as more of a boy’s activity, however the opportunity for girls to succeed in the sport has been increasing significantly, especially in recent years. Toronto’s new women’s league is making waves and bringing the practice of paying female basketball players to the forefront of the Canadian sports industry. There has never been a better time for young girls to start dreaming of their future on the court.

Professional women’s basketball a first for Canada

Although men have been getting paid to play basketball for over 20 years in Canada, the same can’t be said about female players. All professional, paid players in the Toronto area are male… Until now. The creation of an all-female paid basketball league is sure to be the first step in the conversation on leveling the playing field between female and male athletes.

The HoopQueens are a 4-team league based in Toronto, featuring dozens of professional and university level basketball players. Each player is paid to play, and games are played in front of a paying audience. With the WNBA announcing that they are looking to expand by one or two cities this year, this professional, paid league is the first step in shining the light on Toronto as a viable option.

HOOPQUEENS Women’s Basketball – Courtesy

Young female players have a lot to look forward to

Playing basketball as a young girl is a fun experience that will have many benefits both on the court and off. However, when the prospect of playing professionally one day is suddenly an option for them, the excitement and determination grows. Many young male athletes aspire to join the NBA or NHL one day, and now the prospect of one day getting paid to play professional basketball as a woman means young girls can have the same goal.

Jr NBA is a great first step for female players

At Burlington Basketball, we support girls’ basketball programs from Jr.NBA to competitive rep-levels. Throughout grade school and high school, there’s a program girls in our community!

Young female athletes looking to learn the basics of basketball will benefit considerably from joining a Jr NBA program. Designed to teach kids aged 5-7 years old how to play the game, Jr NBA is a national program that is offered through many local basketball clubs. It provides a great start for young athletes who may not know anything about playing basketball, or for those who need to spend some time honing skills before stepping up to the next level.

This beginner program helps young athletes to develop fundamental basketball skills, learn good sportsmanship and encourages them to fall in love with the game. While the Jr NBA program isn’t a prerequisite for the next stage of the learning process, it is a great way to build the love of the game from an early age.

Basketball is a great sport for young female athletes

The sport of basketball is a great one for young athletes to immerse in. The lessons they’ll learn while practicing and playing will have a positive effect through their entire lives.

Make lifelong friendships – The bonds girls make on the court are often stronger than those they’d form in a traditional school setting thanks to the time the spend together on and off the court.

Practice good sportsmanship – Youth basketball is a great way to learn how to win and lose gracefully and how to treat everyone both on and off the court with respect.

Learn focus and drive – In order to master their game skills, girls have to dedicate time to practice. These good habits will carry over into all aspects of their lives as they grow older.

Learn teamwork – Playing a team sport like basketball requires girls to learn how to play well with the rest of their team.

Build healthy habits – Athletic sports require girls to practice a level of physical activity that will help maintain healthy bones, weight, and muscle development as they grow.

Girls’ basketball is on the rise

With the introduction of a paid pro basketball league for women and the potential of a Canadian team joining the WNBA, joining a basketball program has never been more appealing. Young girls who are interested in learning a new sport have great motivation to join a local basketball program like the Jr NBA in their community. Team sports are a great way for young girls to make friends, build healthy habits and learn good sportsmanship, all qualities that will prepare them for a solid career on the court.

With the introduction of a paid pro basketball league for women and the potential of a Canadian team joining the WNBA, joining a basketball program has never been more appealing.

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