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What to look for when choosing a summer basketball camp near you

Choosing the right summer basketball camp for kids can be a bit of a daunting process when you start thinking about everything you want it to include. Taking steps to ensure that your young athlete will gain the most from their summer camp experience will help them transition smoothly into a team setting when school resumes again in the fall. When looking for a great local summer basketball camp, keeping in mind that ultimately, they are there to have fun and learn some skills from some great coaches is the best way to find a summer camp they’ll enjoy.

Encouraging physical activity in summer months

Regular physical activity has been shown to have many benefits in kids of all ages. Playing a sport like basketball helps children to get active and experience positive results both physically and mentally. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and osteoporosis are all less likely to occur in children who spend time doing physical activities like basketball. A summer sports camp is the perfect way to encourage both physical activity and fun.

Top features of a great summer basketball camp

At Burlington Basketball, we check all the top “best summer basketball camp" boxes.

We take fun, fitness and learning seriously! From introductory camps where no basketball skill or experience is required to intermediate-advanced camp programming – we have boys and girls covered!

While there a number of things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your child, selecting a sports camp adds another layer to the decision process. While you want your child to enjoy their experience and have fun throughout, you also want them to come away from the experience having learned something new.

1. Top trainers

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a great summer basketball camp is a great coaching staff. The trainers that are present each day to help train attendees can make a big difference in their skill development. They will be knowledgeable about basketball and great with kids!

2. Full day & half day options

Summer camps are often offered in both half day and full day sessions. A basketball camp that offers both depending on the ages of the campers is an ideal choice for most players. Younger athletes who are just getting started with skill development will often do better with a half day session, however as they cross into a more intermediate skill level a full day course will probably have the most impact.

3. Involves friends

Any great summer camp centers on friendship. A local basketball camp that allows groups of friends to join together or attendees to make new friends with kids in their neighbourhood is sure to be a worthwhile experience.

4. Good balance of fun and learning

A great summer basketball camp will provide kids with a good blend of both skill development and fun. Coaches that allow their players space to have fun while also incorporating drills that will help improve their game will have the most success with their players. Improving and introducing new skills is an important aspect of summer camp, but so is having fun.

5. Includes both boys and girls of all ages

As kids grow older their basketball teams will begin to separate boys from girls, but at summer camp this isn’t always necessary. The important thing in a summer sports camp is that kids are able to learn together and have fun, and those aspects can come from their fellow camp attendees just as much as from their coaches. Grouping kids together based on skill level is an excellent way to help them grow.

6. Teaches age-appropriate skills

Dividing kids up by age & skill level helps coaches to focus on teaching age-appropriate skills. Young players who are new to the sport need to spend time perfecting the basics like dribbling, passing and shooting while older, advanced players need to focus on learning plays, working with their team and honing their basketball IQ. Each group is able to dedicate their camp time to developing the skills that best suit their level of skill.

7. Winning isn’t everything

You may have visions of your child coming home from summer camp having perfected their skills, however it’s important to remember that playing any sport isn’t just about winning. As parents watching from the sidelines, it’s essential to keep in mind that the most important part of youth sports is that the kids are having fun. Sure, you want to encourage them to try hard, play their best and score some points, but at the end of the day, if they’re not having fun, they’re not going to want to continue playing.

Basketball camp is a great way to enjoy the summer

A local basketball summer camp is the perfect way for kids to make friends and enjoy their summer, while also furthering their skills on the count. The best way to encourage a child to get active every day is for them to find a sport or activity that they truly enjoy, and a summer basketball camp is the perfect way to help them do that.

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