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3 V 3





8 Weeks

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Co-Ed Ages 7-18


To ensure kids are challenged at the appropriate level, 3v3 is now divided into a beginner and an intermediate level program. Sessions are structured so that a group warm-up is followed by 30 minutes of skill development, covering many topics including dribbling, basic offensive concepts, passing, shooting, and defense. The second half of each weekly session will be 3 on 3 game play, giving the athletes an opportunity to experience competition and gain confidence, as they apply the concepts and skills taught each week, in a structured, yet fun environment. Sessions are 70 minutes in length and are coached by Certified IBSA Coaches.

BEGINNER: This program is for kids who are newer to the game of basketball and have limited experience playing in a game setting.

INTERMEDIATE: This program is for kids who have experience to the game of basketball and are more comfortable in a game setting.

Who's it for

GROUP 1: Co-Ed Ages 7-9
GROUP 2: Co-Ed Ages 10-12
GROUP 3: Co-Ed Ages 13+

GROUP 1: Co-Ed Ages 8-10
GROUP 2: Co-Ed Ages 11-14
GROUP 3: Co-Ed Ages 14+

Start Date

Tuesday, April 11 - May 30, 2023
Thursday, April 13 - June 15, 2023

Weekly Days/Times

BEGINNER: Tuesday's
GROUP 1 (Ages 7-9) - 6:00pm - 7:10pm
GROUP 2 (Ages 10-12) - 7:20pm - 8:30pm
GROUP 3 (Ages 13+) - 8:40pm - 9:50pm

GROUP 1 (Ages 8-10) - 6:00pm - 7:10pm
GROUP 2 (Ages 11-13) - 7:20pm - 8:30pm
GROUP 3 (Ages 14+) - 8:40pm - 9:50pm

NOTE: No Intermediate Sessions on Thursday May 11th & Thursday May 25th


BEGINNER: Nelson High-School
INTERMEDIATE: Haber Recreation Centre


Nelson HS: 4181 New Street, Burlington
Haber Rec Centre: 3040 Tim Dobbie Drive, Burlington

The 3v3 league is a fun, fast-paced program with an emphasis on both skill development and 3-on-3 gameplay.  Choose between Beginner or Intermediate programs.  All sessions are led by Certified IBSA coaching staff.
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