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Basketball Game



What program should my child play?
For anyone new to basketball we recommend playing house league so you can learn the game, play, and have fun. If your child has previous basketball experience and really loves the game, we suggest trying out for our Rep teams. Please visit out tryout schedule on the website.

What is Jr NBA?
Jr. NBA is a program Burlington Basketball adopted that teaches young kids from 5 years old to 7 how to play the game and build their skill level with our trained and professional coaches.  Jr. NBA is the first step into the world of Basketball for our littlest athletes.

What Is The Difference Between Rep And House League?
There are a few key differences between house league basketball and Rep league. The biggest one is the level of competition. In Rep leagues the goal is to win, and kids are expected to be at a higher skill level and commit more time for training and traveling. In house leagues, the kids are proportionately competitive to their age, as fun and learning is the higher focus.
Participation is another main difference. Since the goal in Rep leagues is to win, kids are picked to play based on skill level. The benefit to house leagues is that all kids get a fair chance to play.

What Size Basketball Should My Child Use?
The size of basketball varies by age:
Jr. NBA (4 years old) – U12 (11 years old) Size 5: 27.5”
U13 (12 years old) – U14 (13 years old) Size 6: 28.5”
BOYS U15 (14 years old) – U19 (18 years old) Size 7: 29.5”
GIRLS U15 (14 years old) – U19 (18 years old) Size 6: 28.5”

How Do I Register For A Program?
Once you have decided on the program, choose the “REGISTER” button and follow the prompts through the League Apps program.
We accept all payments through our secure partner site, League Apps. Once registered you have the option of sending an etransfer separately through online banking, or by paying online via credit card on PayPal.

How Do I Know If Registration Is Open For A Program?
Visit the associated program page you are interested in for detail. Register with our email list to keep up to date on all new programs and any cool things happening in Burlington. As well as you can join our email list to stay up to date with the latest programs. Always feel free to contact us, too, if you have any questions at

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